Responsible Investments

Responsible Investments (RI-policy)

Danske Bank is part of the Danske Bank Group and complies with the Group’s policy for responsible investments (RI). The purpose of the policy is to ensure that our clients’ funds are not placed in companies that violate international standards. The RI policy applies to products for which the Group is responsible for investment management.

At the Danske Bank Group, we believe that appropriate and responsible behaviour is a precondition for long-term value creation. Therefore, the RI policy does not conflict with the objective of generating the best possible returns for our customers.  

Danske Invest co-operates with Danske Bank in RI-policy (Responsible Investments) Read more about RI -policy in Danske Bank's website or more detailed information in

Our work with sustainable investments

Sustainability plays an important role in the investment process at Danske Invest, and we are working to further integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business and investment processes. In connection with this, our main advisor, Danske Bank Asset Management, has published a report to create more transparency about this work and the results of making sustainable investments

Read the report

Focus on active ownership

Danske Invest is an active owner that engages with invested companies and votes at their general meetings to create competitive returns to our clients. Through our investment managers and advisors, we discuss a wide array of issues with invested companies such as financial performance, strategy, capital structure, environmental, social aspects or governance. The objective is to ensure that companies manage risks and unlock opportunities. Danske Bank Asset Management is our main partner that votes and engages with companies on behalf of Danske Invest. Learn more about their company engagements and voting record.

Latest active ownership report

Voting records

Relevant policies and documents

Investment restrictions
Active Ownership Policy
Our RI-partner

Danske Invest and the Danske Bank Group co-operate with ISS-Ethix, which is an independent, specialised RI consultant.

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