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We are strengthening the team line-up for Danske Invest funds

In future, new expert asset managers will be managing some of the investments in the Danske Invest funds.

At Danske Invest, we focus constantly on ensuring that the best portfolio managers are managing the investments in our funds. And to make our future setup even broader and stronger, two of the largest and most competent asset managers in the world – Goldman Sachs Asset Management and BlackRock – will in future be managing the investments in a number of Danske Invest equity and fixed income funds.

The purpose is to ensure that we continue to have the strongest possible setup for the Danske Invest funds for the benefit of our investors.

“At Danske Invest, we have been successful for many years in combining portfolio managers from Danske Bank Asset Management with carefully selected international portfolio managers, thereby granting the investors in our funds access to a broad selection of leading asset managers. So we are building on a well-known model here,” says Robert Mikkelstrup, Managing Director, Danske Invest Management A/S.

The change of asset managers will have no impact on the funds’ administrative expenses, and investors need not do anything.

“Our investors will still have access to exactly the same broad product range as before – and thanks to the new asset managers, investors will have access to even stronger products without having to pay more. Furthermore, it is important to point out that the funds will continue, of course, to follow Danske Invest’s processes and responsible investment policy. Regardless of the asset manager managing our funds, responsibility always plays a key role when you invest with Danske Invest,” says Robert Mikkelstrup.

Here at www.danskeinvest.se, additional information about the Danske Invest funds to be managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and BlackRock will be provided in the coming weeks. Goldman Sachs Asset Management and BlackRock are expected to take over the management of the funds in question in the course of the next three months.

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